by we watch clouds

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recorded by adam in studio fonia

with love, we watch clouds.

maciek, artur, manu, kacper.

bancamp header by lovely friend estigma. check out his stuff: cargocollective.com/EstigmaVVM


released April 5, 2015




we watch clouds Warsaw, Poland

we watch clouds consists of: maciek, oles, kacper, artur. we are so keen on living this world, that we feel hurt and pissed when we see it being destroyed by racism, sexism, homophobia and all awful things that happen. this band is against all of those. love! ... more

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Track Name: intro
we're passage and fall...
a void to implode...
course to fold...
nothing more.
Track Name: birds will shit over your bleeding gums
we’re walking backwards
we never look up the sun
vivid beams spoils sight
we discard our hope
and find joy in loss
investigations closed
no clues were left, no traces to track
this one-piece puzzles dumb
pull yourself together, Beverly Hills decay,
movie screen hum, circumstances lack

and so we’re wandering instead of hunt,
“stay sharp” they say - straight way to bleed out.
Track Name: olmo caraestaca
glass armour is what we're left with,
no more tears my dear - gravity solves everything,
theres no need for us to be here - we could as well take a leap,
its easier to sink than lift - "less effort" is physicist hint,
and as we melt our bodies conflate - we're in this together,
and you thought you knew the meaning of hitting bottom,
i hope sand sits pleasantly on your tongue
get used to the taste, at least, we’re finally toghether.*

leave it as it is,
overthinking dimms my senses,
dazzled patterns makes me sick,
dancing damages my skin,
you look better when you're still

glass alloy works as lens - blend together, amalgamate.

sinking till choke
choke on my presence
stifle your voice
calm my nerves.
Track Name: see you in antwerp
project light
from ocean eyes
I sense the smoke
dermis absorbs
hairs scratch clouds
will cry on us
carry with them
clean and rearrange
floods break inside rooms
lock doors spare efforts
stalactytes will fall
down from our heads
stalactytes will fall
and reduce the weight
ascend into empty space
Track Name: picking up girls at parties talking about real emo
i swallowed up all the insects
that you hid amidst the flowers
and now my entrails are a nest for the roaches
(pack of larvae, bunch of thorns.)
petals dissolve
fluids carry along
legs clinge to walls
ascension unbothered

rip apart the ribcage
expose lungs to gelid air
let it ravage all that breathes
oh what a price to pay,
what drastic solutions to issues so trivial.
Track Name: milford cubicle
(Brote purpura en la víspera de mi tuberculosis
brote purpura espumoso que florece en mi pulmón
cada segundo es un cuchillo rompiendo tejidos
los brazos se torsionan como ramas ante el frío
encías que se deshacen ya no pueden sujetar
cada diente es una piedra quebrando baldosas
todo lo que vive tiene que marchitarse

quisiera ser una maquina

miro directo hacia el cielo,
con las corneas quemadas todo es color rosa
el olor determina tu posición
se filtra de repente y mis venas colapsan.
ahora estamos solos el sol y yo, mi materia se alimenta con su ardor)

i'm no company
hands off me
i brought you this swan song
but you never listened

the branches begin to contract
the fruits i leave, who will devour them?
the sun looks like it's soon going to set
will you stay with me for the earth to swallow?
Track Name: wanna come over and listen to my drone vinyls?
raise the heat and scars dissolve
crash your bones against mine
let the air come in and solidify
our sweat, goes up my tunnels
blow old rust from the surface
so sweet
so soft
so gentle
dance awkwardly,
you’re so offbeat
this motion hurts
i’m sickening
broken pieces
fit so well.

new colors blossom, pores open up
its all so vibrant now its sickening.